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If you are in need of a mentor to help with your beekeeping or would be willing to help other beekeepers as a mentor, you can reach Harry Jones at ph: 260-715-1453 or email: Working with a Mentor is highly recommended for the beginning beekeeper and highly productive. 

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Mentor List:

For information about beekeeping mentors, please contact:

Harry Jones (260-715-1453 or 260-637-1453) Fort Wayne

Kendra Oglesby – 260-312-6165  NW Fort Wayne

Dustin Parmeley – 574-210-8871 Fort Wayne

Tracey Richardville – 260-452-8501 North Ft. Wayne



Swarm Removal

We provide volunteer beekeepers to remove swarms of honeybees in our community. Call Rick Stephens (260) 610-1040 if you need assistance.

New Beekeeper Mentoring

For the new beekeeper, or just an extra set of hands and eyes for troubleshooting, we have a list of seasoned apiarists ready to answer any questions.

Local Honey

You can find local honey for sale here.

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