Man, we could use some rain. The nectar flow is on and my girls are really filing all of my supers.

Despite my best effort, some hives are still swarming. One was right in front of me. Sounded like a plane with all the bees in the area. One swarm I was able to capture as it was only about 10 feet in a tree. The other was about 20 feet in the air. That one I let get away. I have been going through hives to get my queen excluders on, but with the swarmed hives, I have not found the new queen. Some hives have no brood. Will have to wait and see.

One technique is to shake all bees out of the supers and then place the queen excluder below them. One little concern I have with that technique is a virgin queen can get through an excluder (but still rare). That will be my next step if I cannot find my queen. As with me every year, not enough time and too many hives.

Field Day was a huge success. I hope everyone who participated had a great experience. Again, I would like to thank James Ringswald and James Wheeler for their work in making this happen. Was a little cold in the morning, but we again were able to dodge the rain. Thank you Terry for another wonderful lunch.

Glenn Hile will be giving the presentation at the meeting on fall mite treatment. Mite treatments are essential in keeping our hive healthy.

Shelby Nichter has graciously offered to help keep our Facebook page updated. If you have something that you would like to post or get a story on the page, please contact her. Also our newsletter editor Patrice Reidenbach is always looking for content.

We could still sue someone to help coordinate with the state club. You should be a member of the state club to fill in. It would be very helpful for the state fair and to get an article in the state club newsletter.

Again, we will still have a trunk sale 30 minutes prior to the meeting. Also remember that we will not be having a meeting in July or August.

See you at the meeting.