The weather is turning cooler as I write this. I hope that your harvest is going well. Mine was not a record breaker but still very strong. I was interested to see how varied my mite counts were in the same bee yard with some hives with tons and others with none. Back to treatments. The goldenrod is coming on strong and the hives are starting to smell like they are putting it up. If you want to borrow the club extractor, please contact Melanie Crapster. If you do borrow the extractor and uncapping bucket, please make sure to clean it throughly for the next person.

It has been a pretty dry summer and fall so far. My pond is about a foot or so down. I have noticed that past 2 years that a dry summer has been pretty good for honey production. Not a drought but a relatively dry summer. Will continue to keep track of this type of summer. In June of 2015, it rained every day. That was one of the lowest hone production years I have ever had.

One thing I have noticed, when I hear the cicadas, it seems to be about the end of the nectar flow. When I put on supers after hearing their call in the trees, I do not see bees putting up much honey. I would like to know from others if they have observed the same thing. Please drop me an email or let me know at the meeting if you have seen the same thing or not.

I hope you have had a great summer and your bees are doing well. Just remember that now is when the mites are the strongest and treatment will be necessary to get our bees through the winter. We will be having a great discussion at th meeting about plants for bees. This is always an interesting discussion.

Just another reminder, we have a trunk sale 30 minutes before the meeting. Anything you would like to sell have it in the parking lot.

It will be great to see you all after our summer break.